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Are Bikram Yoga Classes accessible to everyone?

YES Bikram Yoga classes are accessible to all and without reservation.
Whether you are a novice or an experienced yogi, a confirmed athlete or not, flexible or not at all, the Yoga Bikram series is a succession of Hatha Yoga postures specially designed for beginners.

What do I need to know for my 1st lesson?

Light and comfortable clothing is recommended. Avoid jogging and long-sleeved t.shirts, prefer shorts and tank tops. It’s going to be hot !
Bring 1 yoga mat, 1 towel for practice and 1 towel for the shower as well as 1 large bottle of water. However, you will find everything you need for your practice for rent at the Studio.
Remember to hydrate well throughout the day and a little more the 2 hours before class.
Make sure you arrive with a light stomach, last meal taken at least 4 hours before class.

And in the practice room?

Please respect the silence before, during and after class.
No shoes, phone or any personal effects.
Practice gently for your 1st class and don’t go out during class. The heat can seem surprising when you start, or even difficult to bear in the middle of the course. Do not panic, take the time to take a break, sit quietly, breathe calmly and resume the practice when you feel ready.
Remember, no judging, no competition, the idea is to just practice together.

I wonder about the Heat?

The heat may feel high in the practice room the first time. Rest assured your body will quickly get used to it. Do not force yourself to practice the whole series if it is too difficult for you at first. You may sit for a moment before resuming. However, it is not recommended to leave the class during the course. You will quickly get used to this heat and soon you will not be able to live without it. The heat allows you to progress very quickly in your practice.

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