Bikram Yoga

Yoga Bikram Nice Studio offers 90 mn classes open and accessible to All : novice or confirmed, sporty or not, flexible or not.

The Bikram method consist of a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and 2 deep breathing exercices performed in a 40° room with 40% humidity.

This sequence has been scientifically developed  to allow a complete and in-depth workout of the entire body.

Whilst being encouraged to keep calm and disciplined throughout the class, it helps with focus, determination, concentration, opening your body and mind to positivity.

A regular practice strengthens:

All muscles

The tendons

The ligaments

The joints


Heat promotes :

The activation of the blood circulation

The stimulation and deep cleansing of each organ

The detoxification of the body


Bikram Yoga helps rebalance the body and all its systems  :








A regular, conscious and diligent practice improves :

Back pain

Chronic pain

Weight control

Sleeping disorders


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