The Team


After working for fifteen years in Monaco in international trade, Bikram Yoga has entered her life as a breath of fresh air. Certified professor in 2013 in Los Angeles, she has since taught in different studios. Sharing energy with students and the sense of balance and serenity that comes with regular practice are all driving forces that guide and inspire her on a daily basis.



She began her professional career as a dancer at the Prague Opera and then at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. She had repeated surgeries on both hips. Bikram Yoga allowed her to fully recover. She became a certified teacher in 2005 and chose to establish this discipline in Prague where she opened 2 studios:
She also organizes the European Yoga Championships and heads the IYSF Technical Committee.


Graduated at The Rotterdam Dansacademy(Codarts) in 1995. She joined Djazzex dance Company Den Haag, Conny Janssen Danst Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Was part of The Disney Musical production The Lion King as Dance-Captain and dance Swing in The Dutch (Scheveningen), France (Paris), Singaporian, and Brasilian (São Paulo) productions.
She discovered Bikram Yoga in 2004 in Amsterdam and became a certified teacher in 2010. She has been teaching since in Paris, Singapore, Bordeaux,Genève, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Arnhem,Haarlem, Manila and Jakarta, and now in Nice.


All classes are taught by certified teachers.