Triangle Pose – Trikanasana

The Triangle Pose completely strengthens the muscles throughout the body, as well as the joints, tendons and internal organs. Likewise, this pose revitalizes the nervous system, veins and tissues. This pose is done in the middle of the series when the body is already perfectly warmed up. It is the most important position for strengthening and stretching the hips and torso muscles (oblique abdominal and intercostal muscles). The stretching and rotation of the spine also strengthens the central nervous system and helps scoliosis. The Triangle Pose supports the immune system and stimulates blood circulation and kidney function. This position has a positive effect against anorexia, constipation, colic, high blood pressure, appendicitis, hip and back pain, spondylitis, menstrual disorders, obesity and pain in the shoulder joints. It is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The position of the triangle stretches the chest and helps the lungs and the heart muscle.